Monday, March 30, 2015

Warming up to Spring

I did as close to nothing as possible this weekend and I still got jobs accomplished! I slept late but still got the back lawn mowed and checked out an antique store - sadly, too well lit and not enough stuff and no dust to speak of! But they have time to get themselves stocked up and dusty before I got back there.

Friday night, I found my costume for next Halloween, $3 at Kohls, totally worth the investment I think. I also found a new skort to replace my old one that had gotten too big. I don't care what fashion people say about skorts, I love them. Long Live Skorts!

Saturday, I mowed the back yard so now both yards match, I'm going to have to hit the front yard again sometime this week and that's kind of a drag, I wouldn't, but the hipster mowed his and I will not be neighbor shamed by the hipster and his semi-annual mowing!

Doesn't that look nice? I am also going to call my weeds "ground cover", it sounds much nicer and is actually a better word than "weeds" because it is a ground cover. It makes it easier to take care off, makes me feel better about the condition of the yard and is more inclusive. Ground Cover.

I also got tired of playing hide and seek with dog bombs and now I can at least see them to remove them. I'm really looking forward to getting Garden 2015 in the ground and moving but we're a long way from there at present. I have to decide if I want to continue with my current irrigation system or if I want to go with my very good sprinkler that will hit everything and use less hose and be simpler, if waste more water through evaporation and watering everything in its reach regardless. I don't know, I'm going to have to think about it and what I'm planting and where I'm planting it. The drip hoses might be the better route still.

After mowing the ground cover, dog and took a rest and enjoyed the sun. My phone told me it was 42 degrees, but I think it was confused. In its defense, I was wearing multiple layers

Sunbathing  42 degree style.

Sunday, I took dog-dog out in the yard again and I pulled out his  rolling barrel and his hoop and he was still able to work with both! I've been using his jump to keep him loose, but I haven't really worked the hoop in a while and I put the roller up a long time ago. He seems happy to see both and we worked on them for about hour before Rocket got tired and lost interest in performing. He did a great job! He also kept trying to ride the barrel and that was exciting - not entirely possible, because I don't think there is enough surface space on it and its too light, a larger, heavier barrel might work better. I need one of those large cable spools the phone company uses. They are very heavy though and I'm not sure how I would be able to maneuver one around much less get it into my car to show others how talented my dog is ( totally would be!). Something to work on.

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