Friday, April 24, 2015

Choices, choices

Today I decided that I am absolutely going to get a china cabinet or failing that, a curio, to hold my entire snow globe collection and if its large enough, also my little animals. I have disgracefully  neglected all of them  for far too long.

I have a lot of snow globes, not that anyone would know that,  because for years they have been hidden upstairs on the attic bookshelves, that are now, moving forward are  going to hold actual books. But first I have to find the right cabinet.

There are many choices. Among them :

 $85 (would get painted out, would look so amazing) no longer available

 $150 (would not get painted, probably, the best choice most likely, would have to negotiate a better price)

 $125 (would get painted, would also look amazing)
 $600! (would not get bought)

$129  So cool and so different, maybe too curved for the space? .(to paint or not to paint?)
(too small for my needs, sadly, took myself out of the running)


Does anyone have any input? They are all the correct size and I have contacted most of them.I will have to borrow my brother and his very large SUV to get most of these. Hi Broskey!

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