Thursday, April 23, 2015

Disgruntled Employee

Happy Administrative Professional Day!, yesterday.

In years past, management has taken the secretaries to a nice lunch and handed out some office "thing" and you know, Go secretaries! Thanks for being so docile!

This year I got a African Violet in a plastic pot and note card from my boss thanking me for my service to the people of the state of North Carolina. Do I strike you as someone who wants  an African Violet? Did you know they are really hard to take care of? That they really can't live outside? They don't produce anything. They die if you don't use the right tone of voice with them.

I can't have plants inside! Cats eat plants! I don't think they can safely eat violets! One of the intake people took custody of it and is going to put special AV dirt in it and put it in a better pot. Its going to live in out in a common area in a window with nice Eastern exposure. It can't even stay in my office.

I feel so appreciated. I hate the teapartiers for making it so state workers can't even get their heads patted.

After work while Rocket and I were going downtown we ran across a rickshaw bike guy and he gave us a free ride down Fayetteville Street. Rocket and I really enjoyed it. That made me feel good. Yay Me!.

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