Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More thoughts

Today I'm trying to decide if I want to pursue trying to find an orange rug for the dining room. I know they are out there but I'm not sure there are any orange carpet remnants out there for me to find. I do not think carpet remnant shopping is quite as fun as china cabinet shopping.

I also do not think that there will be as many choices available.

Did you know that area rugs are very expensive?.  Specifically large area rugs are incredibly expensive! Target has a very nice area rug that would be great and its in my range but I would have to get two of them and that is not in my range, but as pretty as it is, it might be doable.

I bought a tiny version and its really nice. I like the orange and the gray is lovely. I think a nice gray would be good for the living room. I don't think an orange rug, especially one of that size, would go with the burgundy couch and chaise. I think it would just be too much color and make the room too dark. If I was able to find a lighter orange, which would be cool, might be too light and end up as stained and ugly as the current carpet. I think I should just go with a mid-tone gray carpet remnant and a lot of nice orange through the room. Thoughts?

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