Friday, April 17, 2015

My own private Eldon, day 4/ Garden 2015 update 2

Today "we" are still sanding. Four days of sanding! They did paint the ceiling yesterday, so I know Eldon is sleeping better.  He is going to come to the house at lunch Friday to hopefully, finally get to painting, at last. He  also plans to be here at 8am Saturday morning.

Which means I am going to be up and moving at 8am Saturday morning too. I have to say that being up and ready to greet Eldon at 8am Saturday morning was not really on to-do list for Saturday. However, it does mean that I will be getting the garden in the ground this weekend. I could have bought plants this evening if I was not PARKED IN AGAIN ELDON.  Now, I will get them after work from the Farmers Market, at least, most of them. There are a couple of tomato varieties that they sell at Wally and they have worked well for me in the past and I'm not going to mess with what has worked.

I'm still up in the air about the corn. I'm not sure.

But first I have to get the weed barrier down, and I'll do that first thing. I still can't get into the broom storage so I can't get to my rake and I really need to rake the garden so its more flat and less not flat. I want it to be flat. No amount of weed barrier to going to correct the surface I am working with now . I'm going to have to do it by hand? I could use boards like they do for wet cement? That would work to smooth it out? Yes, I think it would. Hard work is good for us.

But back to Eldon. Today it finally occurred to me that they used a vast schmatta to cover the garbage on the dining room table but left my  couch and chair open to all the dust and debris  and now they are filthy and I'm going to have to vacuum the hell out of them whenever I get the space back.

Also. Should I paint the furniture this weekend? When I am not working like a dog on the garden? This is the best time, really when I think about it, they aren't in use, I have lots of nice daylight and they have plenty of time to dry before I really need then again. I would have also bought paint this evening IF I WASN'T PARKED IN AGAIN, ELDON. 

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