Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oopsy! I did housework instead of working on an entry.

I didn't do the current laundry or put away the outstanding laundry. I did decide what I am wearing to work tomorrow and filled Rocket and mine pill cases. I'm still trying to nail down if I am going to take Rocket to daycare tomorrow or not, he had a busy weekend and still seems kind of knackered so he may very well not need to spend the day running around , but on the other hand, its good for him to be around other dogs and stay socialized and an exhausted weim in a happy weim...

I do have a staff meeting tomorrow and it tilts my schedule. I don't like having my scheduled tilted. I like my schedule as flat as the plains. I've goten used to it and now with the time change, I don't have to worry about the staff meeting causeingus to miss our walk because it would get dark before I get home.  And I have been just rescheduling my lunch and going home later - my day starts later so I take lunch later and Rockets schedule is more or less undisturbed - This is what I have been doing for the last several meeting Tuesdays and it has not been a problem. We get our walk .

The truth is, I want to eat lunch at Burger Yucky and the only way I can achieve that goal is to have a daycare day. If I take him to daycare I can get a look at their schedule, they have a scheduled posted online but I don't think that it is going to work for my weekend plans as they are now. I need them to have the same hours for Saturdays as they do for weekdays because otherwise, dog is going to go with me and spend a lot of time cooling his heels in my car in the garage by himself and he hates being by himself. We'll see.

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