Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Season

What is my excuse tonight? We had a staff meeting and it makes my day an hour different and it throw my schedule all off.  Also instead of coming home and making dinner for the dog and I and then going for a bracing walk, the dog and I fell asleep on the couch. He was in daycare all day, it throws his schedule off too.

And then we watched the episode after Sipowitzes wife is shot on NYPD Blue and we got sad too, expesally during the part when Gay John and Andy embrace and Andy tells him he doesn't hold any  bad feelings toward him  for inadvertently setting up the situation that got his wife shot (because he was the worlds most naive adult male and couldn't see crazy when it was flapping it swings and  screaming about energy beams and government implants in front of him) . The dog and I had to sit there and sniffle a little.

I think the next time I am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, I am going to take the electric blanket off the bed and retire the flannel sheets to the closet for another year. Its just this side of getting too warm for all that armor and its time to dress the bed for spring.

I may even buy myself some new light weight sheets! I have a whole wardrobe of flannel sheets, mood flannel sheets actually, they hall hang out together and I think they get together and do service projects while I'm away. They work well together, all good friends.

My other sheets are sad and lonely and are ageing out. I really am running a kind of nursing home for sad sheets at this point. They always seem okay, right up until their elastic stops working and there you go, they  end up as dog bedding. The elastic on my flannel sheets takes years to age out, because I buy nice flannel sheets, I should stop cheaping out on  regular sheets, they might last longer. Sheets can be an investment piece if you aren't a careful shopper but if you are a careful shopper, you can buy investment quality sheets with the investment. I will buy sheets and I will be careful to not buy more flannel sheets, even if they try to trick me and put pink flowers on them - because they do that! tricksters!

I did a brief look-see at online sheet sales and now I know why I hold on to such old, sad, worn out sheets! Because sheets are expensive and nice sheets that you can not also use as sandpaper, are really expensive.  And also, Wal-Mart sheets are expensive too and  as a bonus,  are made of inferior quality sandpaper!

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