Thursday, April 9, 2015

Greening Up

Today I came home from work and worked with the dog on his rolling wheel and then sat outside and read my kindle on my phone. I made a good dinner and took dog for a nice long walk and we met some very nice dogs and I came home and emptied the dishwasher and stripped and made the bed and sorted laundry. I also watched NYPD Blue.

 I did not go to Wally, even though I really need to and I did not actually do any laundry or run the dishwasher, although I still might as I have run out of spoons. I should either be more frugal with my spoon usage or buy more spoons or I could use disposable spoons, but, that would lead to more waste and waste is waste and where does it end?

 Or I could run the dishwasher. But being more frugal with my spoon usage might not be the worst idea to pursue. I am wasteful with my spoons, I use them too often out of habit when I could in theory, use another tool - but I wouldn't know what that tool would be as I use  various size spoons for all my stirring/combining needs. Forks are not good for eating yogurt, for example - however, they work fine for combining wet and dry dog food, so there is a place I could  conserve spoons and utilize another tool on a daily bases so I might avoid having to run the dishwasher because I have run out of spoons.

Conservation is good for us.

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