Friday, April 10, 2015

Rained out

Very electric evening. In  that there is lots of thunder and lightening and I fear for my electronics. That being said, I turned said  electronics off for their own safety and my piece  of mind. So... yeah.  I just now thought about going on the laptop battery and unplugging it from the dangerous current , sometimes the stupid, it burns.?

I was useing  a pillow as a pillow but I switched to the Dog because he is firmer  and offers better support. I've  never  worried about my pillow farting , so there  is a downside to the idea. The pillow also never jumped when it heard thunder.

It is  raining  like hell, something tells me I should go and check the basement. ..
I think it's going to be my neglected  basement ferns lucky day, I'm pretty sure they  are going to get a drenching. I moved them into the floor so they can take advantage of what's going to happen. Damn.

Nothing happened, the rain eventually petered out and there was no flooding of the basement or watering of the neglected basement ferns. A good cleaning of the bottom of the stairs is now added to my to-do list.

 It's been raining like a bitch  off and on and I've  been very lucky until now. Now there is already a stream forming. Damn it, which became dang. Hell becomes he'll. Shit  becomes Shut. Bitch  becomes Birch.  And then we get Duck  that became Suck.  It changed the nice word duck to the un -nice word suck. Which means it's either learning me and my word choices or  it's even thicker than I thought it was. 

The spell check didn't  like "stupid" either.  The programmers  must have  been the very specialist snowflakes.

Penis is okay, vagina is okay. Breast is okay. Bottom is okay, ass is not. I am really not a 12 year old boy. I'm going to watch Backstrom  in a few minutes and no 12 year old would ever even think of doing this.

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