Thursday, April 30, 2015

Projects, projects, projects



My next project, well, I have two projects. One is easier than the other. I need to pick up some rustolium and give the  new-to-me deck furniture a going over.

 It will brighten them up and protect them. I'm just going to go with black, I thought about yellow or violet or baby blue, because I like those  - but I decided that if I want to brighten up the scene I can get some pillows or something of if I shift the table a little I could get an umbrella.

Black is easier to live with long term.

I am also going to get serious about the  paintable furniture in the living room. I want an orange and after looking at a lot of oranges, I think maybe the tangerine end of the orange spectrum, not the pumpkin end. The pumpkin end is too brown and looks like crap with the gray. I think the tangerine end of the spectrum is more the right shade, there's pink and red in it and it goes with the other colors. Hopefully.

And of course, I need to rebuild the living room and see what goes back and where it goes so that I can reclaim the downstairs bedroom before it gets hot and I have to move downstairs. So. Projects.

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