Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Garden Update 5 2015

Time has marched on!

I think the peppers are very happy in there new bed. They seem to be doing well and growing tall. I thank the rain we've had and the cooler temperatures for being so kind to the baby plants. If it was too hot and there was too much sun, they might have been burned  and cooked in the ground! They love the sun but they need some over cast days too. The rain has been my friend. I have noticed some bug nibbles, but not enough to pull out the  pesticide - yet. So far so good. I think they are doing better here than they did in the other garden because they don't have to compete with the taller, faster growing  tomatoes for light. In this space the only competition they have is with the leeks and its really no contest.

I thought I planted a lot of leeks, but I either didn't or there has all ready been some bad days. I've never tried to plant onions before and if this doesn't work I'm going to leave it to the people who know what they are doing - like Alphagal, who can plant and harvest onions successfully.

The tomato's! They are doing very well! The rain has been very very good to them. They are all growing, even a little puny plant that I almost threw out when I was planting because it was  hardly an entire plant, it was mostly just roots and a shoot. That was all it needed! Its still very small and looks  a dwarf next to the other, taller plants but its getting there.

The taller plants are also further along with their development, I have flowers! It sreally early for these buds and they will most likely fall off, but it s start and the real bloms with show up when the plants are a little more mature.

The corn is growing well. It doesn't seem to mind being in containers as yet. I keep them fertilized with alfalfa pellets and coffee grounds.

The blueberry bush I decided to let live seems to be living the good life. I would be good if I even got some of those berries before the birds take them all. Hopefully they will actually A) ripen, and B) not get eaten by birds.  I have tried using bird netting but it also served as Diana Netting and it was more trouble then it was worth.

This is this years Elephant Ear. I moved it out of the more direct sunlight into the more indirect sunlight and I think it is happier.

My long awaited Huneysuckle! I tried and tried to get a huneysuckle plant to take and I finally got a a cutting to grow! I love the scent of honeysuckle and I really hope this does what the plant is supposed to do, I can cut it back as necessary but I really like huneysuckle and it will look great around my door as it matures and gets more flowery.

 My door. Clearly, there is work to be done but the plant is reaching over and meeting up with the Non-Blooming Ever honeysuckle variety I bought at the store, hopefully it will take over and be nice.

Every year I say I'm going to take this out and every year it just saves it self.

Last years Elephant Ear. It is not a happy plant. It was gorgeous last year but its not very interested in growing and developing this year.

 The rose plant. I also always say that this is its last year and it always fools me and comes back. I really do want to get a better plant, this one is really aging out. It makes very pretty flowers though and it has a lovely scent.

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