Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More tiny

I heard a couple arguing   in the street as I left  my house to walk the dog. I hoped they would evaporate. They did not. I imagined confronting them, telling them to take it elsewhere. And I imagined they would  because I'm a middle aged white woman with a big dog and a cell phone! Kneel down  before my privilege .

Loud and stupid , both of them trash. I made further plans to  avoid them if possible - not easy as we were  heading in the same direction. I stayed on my side of the street  and hoped they might get hit  by a runaway bus.

Then he grabbed her by the neck and made her change directions. In front of Gawd and all the DMV employees getting off work. One of them told me from her car to call the cops.

I did.  I'm so brave. So down with sisterhood I wished a runaway bus on her.

They calmed down and changed directions again while I chatted with 911. He saw me behind them on the phone and shouted at me to "stop following" them. I assured him I wasn't  and we went our own ways.

I hope the cops found them.

I didn't see them  again and went on to get rained on and had to cut  our walk short. It was pouring but  I found shelter and that was nice. Go me.

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