Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tiny computer fun

My lenses are ready. It normally takes ten days to two weeks for new lenses to make  an appearance.  I'm not sure this is good news. I also don't  look forward to being blind at the mall for however long it takes them to put the lenses in my frames.

I didn't  pick them up today because I wanted to go home on time, eat my regular  dinner at my regular  time and walk my dog at my regular time. I also needed  to hit Wally  and I wanted  to do that before it got too late.

I was going  to make a list but I thought any list would be too short to write.  The longer  I was at the store the longer my short list got. I managed to forget the item that had made up my short list. Brilliant.

Now I have a good week's worth of meals, lunch and dinner. I even found a big box of the dog's crunchy dental treats.  And some cheetos.

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