Monday, May 11, 2015

Saturday and Sunday

Paint, Paint, Paint, go-shopping, Paint, Paint. Shake your brushes out, shake your brushes out.... Also, it rained, a terrific way to raise the level of difficulty of painting outdoors.

This is what we have so far.

Pictured : Lazy Susan the TV sits on - note that it is two different colors, lots of OCD futzing here. I have entertained painting the edges in contrasting colors because it would look really neat but I decided that people in hell want water too, the table the TV sits on , and a book shelf that now lives in the dinning room that needed to mirror the same treatment as the book cases in the living room. Because, of course it does!. It is however much more cardboard than the built on book cases. I was shocked and I put this together. Card Board, not press board, not MDF, the back wall that I painted is Pure D 100% cardboard.

Since this was taken they have all gotten a second coat and the table has been put back on its feet. I flipped it over to get the bottom parts painted as thoroughly as the top parts and because its not done until it is all done!. I am so my fathers daughter.

Also raining.

I took a break from the painting and went shopping, I was gifted with a couple of coupons from Broskey and Alphagal and I got the curtains for the dining room and the hardware for the curtains in the living room.

 This whole widely blown out of proportion project may be over soon.

Speaking of After and "over", I finished the wooden side table!!

I did remove all but one of the birds on the front face, it looks better without them, I added them to the tip and sides. It is GRAY. I know it looks white, it was very dark to start out and I think that is the problem. It looks lovely.

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