Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Work after Work

What I did after work instead of writing an entry :

1. Mowed the back yard
2. Mowed the front yard
3. Pulled out the irrigation timer from the basement and set it
3b - Pulled out a hose from the basement to service the timer
4. Pulled out pulled out another #$%^& timer from the basement
5. Threw away the !@#$% dry rotted hose
5a. Pulled another ^&%$ hose out of the basement
5b- Reset the sprinkler for optimum coverage
6.Brought the  very heavy end table into the house
7. Stripped my bed
8. Stripped the dogs bed
9. Laundered the bedding
10.Remade my bed
11. Remade the dogs bed
12. Put away a lot of laundry
13. Continued the bedroom clean out
14. Got KFC for dinner.
15. Flea and Tick treated the dog
16. Took a shower

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