Tuesday, May 5, 2015

From Storage Room to Bed Room

This is what I started with this afternoon

A depressing mess.

A couple of hours later and multiple trips upstairs and into the attic

We have floor! And most of what is there is waiting to go back up on a wall or waiting to be re-shelved  or waiting to be given to Goodwill. Its still a depressing mess, but its a mess in process.

I put a lot of stuff back on shelves - and now I'm feeling ambivalent about having anything back on the shelves! I liked it better before, when they were empty. I'm going to need to get over that, shelves are meant to to hold things and I cut way, way back on the things that are being held. I still have some editing though, and I am going to have to put something on the mantle piece at some point and I need to get a plan about what is going to hang over it as well. I have some ideas, I have some thoughts. I'm trying to make them gel. Its messy.

I also went to Wallyworld, because I pretty much have to go every day or so because reasons. They had a sale on dog collars and I got Rocket a new one for summer since he rolled in sewage with his winter collar. This one, like that one, was $3.50. We can afford a wardrobe change.

I kind of like it, but at the same time, I think its a little "puppy" for him. He's a full grown man-dog now and I'm not sure how I feel about the message this sends, but they didn't have anything that was both manly (where were all these size giagantor pink collars when Daisy was in the market for big pink collars? Poor Daisy, she was a plus sized doggy fashionista before her time) and on sale. I love the color though.

(I was going to post what I thought was the finished version of the side table, I was being very OCD with ear swabs dabbing out stray bits of color for way too long when I came home from work today. It was nice, I thought, but it could have been anyone's painted out side table. I went looking around and found a way to make it My painted out side table. There will be a big reveal)

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