Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Projects 2

Well.  I didn't get all the tables taken care of. I might have, if I had set an alarm and got up early and worked, worked, worked all day - But I didn't do that because I was tired and I slept late on Saturday and so didn't get properly started until 11:30am. I'm the boss of this project and we start when I am ready to start. I was ready at 11:30am.

The metal table looked like it would be "easy" so I started there. It was filthy from the painters so I gave it a bath.

I then dried it and took it outside.

And painted and painted and painted some more. It looked easy enough, but it was a time suck. All those individual pieces of metal had to be painted individually, top and bottom and there were many individual piece of metal.But I got it done

It has no pink. I couldn't decide what was going to be pink, so nothing was pink. I think that the top most lip is going to turn pink by next weekend.

The second player was one I was dreading a little. A lot. It wasn't pretty to start off with and I was afraid that frosting it wasn't going to do much for it, except make it fade into the wall. Which would be fine. But its a lot of work just to make it go away. I want it to have something more, something novel.

So, I painted the exterior. A lot of work, the wood wasn't as smooth as it looked and I ended up with a couple of places I couldn't sand out. I decided to go with the idea that wood is a natural thing and natural things have lived and living leaves a mark.

It is GRAY. It looks white, but its gray.I promise.

Moving on to the interior. More fun than the exterior because I can't get close enough to really obsess over the job.

Pretty good. The green is painters tape.

I also painted out the hardware

With spray paint, left over from my last adventure in table painting.

I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist. I am a "close enough for government work" kind of gal. And then I painted something with contrasting colors! Everything makes me crazy! I don't know how many times I thought I was done and then saw that I was most certainly not done. For example

There is pink In my gray! I'm going to have to go back with a ear swab to fix that. I also see the drips but I have to let go of the drips.I may have fixed those all ready. I've done a lot of "fixing". They are everywhere and I got as many as I could. It looks good from a distance

I think it needs some of the pink on the exterior. Maybe around the base? I like that idea because it would have nowhere to drip, I hate it when I get pink paint drips. Its very disturbing.

I did not get to the TV table, that's going to wait until next weekend. Its going to take hours. The TV people LIE about how long it takes to get projects done "Oh, we'll just paint those out!" and the next thing you know, Boom! There they are, flawless and gorgeous. Thank God I found the right china cabinet because painted one of those out would take  me weeks and make me insane. I did find the perfect orange for the dining room though and after the TV table, I'm going to paint the back wall of the book case that lives in there so its like the book case in the living room,  an orangey coral instead of a hot pink. It will look fabulous and bring the orange up from the floor.

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