Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Time!

'Oh its so good to be back! I've missed Mr. Computer so much! You don't know how much you love your keyboard until its gone! Oh and the joys of Spell Check!

My mail box is again manageable and more or less empty and I can see the bottom of the list! I am giddy with joy!

When I wasn't doing the dance of joy with my keyboard, I got some chores accomplished.

1. Got my new lenses! Yay! Now I can see clearly! I could not see clearly for an hour in the mall while I waited for them to install my lenses, and that was a lesson. The mall is no fun at all when you don't have crystal clear vision. Its huge and busy and there is too much going on. The only reason I could find something to eat in the food court was because I knew where the McDonald's was. I might have eaten somewhere else but the signage wasn't clear and I couldn't tell what the places were.

I went into H&M and that was an adventure! Its not an easy place to navigate under the best of circumstances but impaired as I was, it was nearly impossible. I did find a very cute sundress though, I had to take selfys in the dressing room and then peer at the image to see if it worked or not. One worked one did not.

2. I got my first pair or prescription sunglasses! Thank You Sam's Club!  I'm really looking forward to getting them and being able to see and not squint and not have the extra weight of clip on shades to contend with. I will have to work very hard to not lose them though.

3. I made my first drop off of new un-needed furniture at Goodwill! I got rid of an end table and a lamp. The next drop off will be clothes I can't wear anymore.

4. I finally got the hose hooked up in the front and now i can take care of the plants I have up there much easier. I have been negligent with them and it shows.

5. Rocket and I took a two hour nap Sunday afternoon because he made me. I was fine to read my book and relax in front of the the fan but he forced me to nod off.

6. We took custody of Sweetie Pie. She hates us all and made it clear she doesn't want to spend time with us. She took over the upstairs and hisses at me from under the bed when I go to take care of her.

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