Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Safe than Sorry

I went to Target to buy my coral table cloth. I figured that since I got my lovely coral rugs from there that they would surely have my coral table cloth because I really, really want one and the longer I am living in coral table cloth free world the longer I really feel that I need a coral table cloth in my world. Or maybe a gray one, but I don't know if they even make gray table cloths, I mean who has a gray table cloth? They aren't very festive. And there are so many grays in the world! So, so many! It would be next to impossible to find the correct shade. I will have much better luck with the coral. I need to be patient.

I had entirely too much trust in Target. I thought they had my back and I  was wrong. They don't even have my rugs anymore, which is tragic for the coral and gray color scheme community -  they have a table cloth with coral as part of the pattern, but I don't want a pattern! I want a solid coral table cloth. Its not too much to ask . I was going to to go down to Bed, Bath and Beyond but I  wanted to get home to watch my NYPD Blue rerun before it got too late, I can't enjoy it if it gets too late.

Also the poor dog was in the car and it was getting dark and I don't know how he feels about the dark, Daisy was afraid of it, so I try not to push it. Also, I have laundry I could be doing, I bought a new set of  deeply discounted summer sheets and I could he washed them and the set I have upstairs that needs washing, but I didn't. I decided to eat some cheetos ( low carb city!) and watch NYPD Blue instead. If I washed them I would have to remember they were there and dance attendance to the washer and I don't want to, I can do it maybe tomorrow or over the weekend.

I could live dangerously and not wash the sheets before I put them on the bed but I don't want to use all my "Living Dangerously" capital all in one place so early in the week.

Roast Quail  is going to be my next cooking project. I know they sell them frozen at Wally.

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