Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oh Sheet.

I washed my new sheets! I loaded my dishwasher! Wheee! My new goal is to strip the bed and put the new sheets on it. I would have stripped the bed  and washed those sheets too hut I didn't want to get a head of myself and  that would have been a lot of pressure to actually get something done.

I mean, what would happen if I couldn't get it together and ended up  all ready for bed in a bed with no sheets at all? I get ready to go to bed, its late and I'm tired and the bed is naked? I mean, how traumatic is that? I would have to go find other sheets - all the while really pining for my new sheets which are Gawd only knows where, probably trapped in the washer cold and wet because I always forget my laundry if I do it during the week, and I end up sleeping on a half made bed in sheets I don't feel good about. And my new sheets think I don't care about them!

How am I supposed to get a good sleep with sheets that I am ambivalent about? That's not okay. That is not restful. As it is, my sheets are in the dryer all warm and toasty and on my mind. I can't wait for them to be dry and ready for me to make the bed. I'm actually excited about making the bed with new sheets. I have old sheets that I could put on the bed but they are almost all winter sheets, or too big, I also have a problem with  sheets that are too big . I have a broad range of winter sheets that I am very satisfied with but almost no summer sheets I can feel good about. Its a problem.

Flannel sheets go on sale a lot more frequently then cotton sheets! And I can't say no to clearance flannel sheets! I'm guessing because flannel sheets are more  seen as more seasonal and cotton sheets can be used year round - by people who like being cold half the year, but some people like that kind of thing.  I do not, but I now find myself in a position of not actually having any sheets that don't come with zip out lining. You had a ski jacket? I have ski sheets.

But now I have the sheet version of a  a bikini! Yay for not being too hot! And for being cool.

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