Thursday, June 4, 2015

Not Friday

And for about ten minutes I thought I was going to wake up to Friday. I took some now preliminary cat blogging shots and started thinking about what I want to get done this weekend.

This weekend is going to be fun, hopefully, looking ahead from Wednesday night. Friday is a First Friday and they are always fun, more now that its warm and its stays light for so much longer and walking from place to place is so much nicer and easier to do, it makes me want to see  more things and go to more places. Saturday I get my new sunglasses and I'm going to a neato garden/art show.  So I'm going to be occupied.

I  stayed up late and put the new sheets on the bed last night and they slept beautifully! So nice and soft and smell goody from the laundry, all and all a real win. New sheets are just kind of magic.

The kitty is worrying me. When I come home, Kitty is hanging out in the kitchen waiting for me. Twice a day, every day. Its very nice. When I came home from work this evening, there was no cat. He wasn't in the kitchen or the on the dining room table or on the couch. He was nowhere.

I saw him in the kitchen when I left for lunch, so I knew he was in the building somewhere. I looked under the couch and the bed and eventually the futon. I couldn't find him. This is very unusual and it scared me for a while. Then I sent him upstairs to "play" with Sweetie and when I went up there he was ready to go downstairs an hour ago. He deserved it for hiding from me after work. Dick.

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