Friday, June 19, 2015

Garden Update 7 2015

SInce walking is out of the question, I left dog inside and  went to examine the garden and I'm not completely happy with what I am finding.

What I'm finding is blossom end rot which is from either too much water or no enough or too much heat or whatever, it happens, its just one of the the things you deal with, its mostly harmless.

. A new player in the arden is not familure or harmles. Its  some sort of bacterial spots on my fruits and yellow leaves.

These are not happy signs for the 2015 garden. Blossom end rot is one that I am familure with but its never something I want to see. The splotty problem is a new issue and I'm pretty sure that the reason I haven't seen it in the past is that in the past I used soaker hoses to water the plants and this year I am using the sprinkler.

The black spots are spread by wet plants and I haven't had wet plants in years past. I think that I will not have wet plants in future years. Snif.

Positive thinking time!

There are lots of tomoatoes! Big ones little sauce ones, lots of them. I did lose a plant, but it was one that came home with a half assed root system and I only planted it because I wanted to give it a chance.

Loseing that plant was a sad moment but,  when a door closes a window opens

Volunteer Plant! I don't know what variety of tomatoe it is, but its a tomaoto! I think this is neato.

On to the peppers!

Some of the peppers are doing fabualousely well

They seem very happy to be away from the looming, sun stealing tomaoto plants.

There are also peppers doing less well.

Yeah. Just not very happy and something went to town on them. I'm hopeing they will contiune to mature and hopefully will get stronger and produce for me. These are a different variety from the green bells, these are purple and I really like them. Happy Thoughts for the peppers!

The leeks look okay? I don't know what they are supposed to look like or what they need to get robust. I'm just glad they didn't all die. Most of them died.

The corn. The corn also asks for positive thoughts, its growing and there are baby ears but they don't seem to be growing in the right places? I'm not sure whats going on here.

I wanted to put something pretty in the yard and maybe draw in more bees. Well, I started out with two hanging baskets and within a couple pf days I was down to one hanging basket. Good thing they were cheap.

On to the front patio

My dead ferns are trying to come back! Im so proud of them.

I moved my ivy from its tiny pot into a big pot. It was happy in the small pot but I think it can live out its life in its big pot. Hat loaf thing in the pot is last years elephant ear that I tried to over winter and did everything I was supposed to do to make it survive the winter but it didn't.

So I bought new plants. They are doing very well. Go Plants! They aren't as big and lush as the failed experiment, but maybe it was too big and too lush and it just  peaked too soon and had no strength left to make it through the winter.

I bought some  marigolds for the front planters so bring some color.

Look at all those baby blueberries! I won't get to eat any of them, I have never gotten a ripe berry off any of the berry plants. Who gets all of them? The birds are going to eat all of them! Hateful birds.

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