Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walking with the Egyptians.

I decided that Dog and I needed a walk tonight. We hadn't ventured out since Sunday and  that is too long to go without getting some exercise, yes exercising his brain was good for him but you can have a very sexy brain and be fat. I do not want a fat weim. Or a weim who has been house bound for a couple of days, it's not pretty.

As I was driving home home from work I had noticed thunder boomers floating around and it seemed quite over cast and I thought Its going to rain! I need to get the dog out before that happens and we can take advantage of the changing weather and get a walk in, finally!. I got the dog and away we went.

It got progressively sunnier as we walked. Sunnier and brighter and hotter . I had made a mistake.  I changed our route to take advantage of whatever shade I could find ( Thank You Lincoln Apartments! for taking up so much room and causing so much shade!) and while that helped, it  did not help enough. The dog was miserable and I wanted to die.  We kept it up for a mile and then turned around and went home, It was during this time that I decided we should not set out on long walks or any walks with the temps as high as they have been, without bringing water and a dog bowl with us, yes I'm going to have to pack that stuff in with us and I do not look forward to the weight of even my tiny pretend back pack, but if it keeps us from falling over from heat exhaustion, well, I can be my own sherpa.

Oh. After I recovered from the walk, I went to Verizon and made them fix my phone and then I spent the rest of the evening playing with it. Yay new phone!

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