Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot

I didn't walk the dog today, I just didn't feel like going downtown again. This happens periodically, I get bored with the route and I need to take a break. I think for he next few days I'm going to bring the dog up to the Dix area and walk there for a few days to  shake things up a little. I like the neighborhood across the street from campus and its been a while since we walked through there. The area features many lovely retaining walls and shady sidewalks so its  winner for us.

Speaking of downtown, I  walked through the warehouse district and found a really enterprising store owner. He had a place featuring over priced sneakers and ridiculously expensive  silk screened tee-shirts, and now he has a place featuring over priced sneakers and ridiculously expensive silk screen tee-shirts and all the random stuff the people in the condos upstairs run out of in the kitchen and need right now!. There is no grocery near there and the young man who owns the place saw a need a filled it. No one needs his pricey boutique sneakers but they do need his spaghetti sauce and detergent and dog treats. I say good for him. He also does gallery shows on First Fridays, I will be back.

As for me, instead of walking three miles, I went all the way upstairs and move the cats litter box downstairs for the summer! My stairs are very steep and the cat box is not light. I then went to Petsmart and bought some new litter, on sale. I also found a gray skirt at TJ Maxx, and then walked all over the store, but that's besides the point, I bought a whole box of very heavy cat litter and carried it across the store and out into the parking lot and then hefted it into my car! And then, took it out of the car and brought it into the house, lifted it up and  emptied its big heavy self into a plastic container!  I think this counts as a work out.

Its cross training and  it is important and it counts. Damn it.

I'm just hoping the cat will be okay with the box being in a different place and maybe forgives me for whatever sin  I have committed this time . Mean little bastard holds grudge like a son-of-a-bitch. This silent treatment is getting old.

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