Thursday, June 11, 2015


Instead of falling asleep after work, I kept myself busy by distracting myself by filling the car tank and  taking an extra long walk to make up for not walking on Tuesday. I turned right instead of left and I found where I am eating Friday and stumbled an event I am going on  Saturday, so that was a win. They are making a lot of changes on Peace Street and there are some interesting things going in,  its suffering from the same problem the rest of downtown Raleigh, too many bars, too many restaurants and not enough retail. It needs to be addressed. But  I found a hipster used book store that is having a birthday party for itself on Saturday and that looks like fun. It helps that there is a donut place across the street.

 And then I went home and hung up a lot of clothes and hid some laundry that needs folding from sight - I'll get to it.

 It made me feel better to not have it sitting there in the way, I think I was punishing it for being a pain in the ass and the longer it was sitting there being annoying, the longer it was going to take to put it away. Now it is more or less "away" and I bet that I deal with it sooner than I would have had it stayed in my face being a smart ass and being all I  need attention, I need you to do work, I need you to pay attention to meeeeeee! so I took it upstairs and put it in time out.

Then I emptied and filled the dishwasher. Then I paid some bills, lets hear it for a $33 electric bill!

I live the high life.

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