Friday, June 12, 2015

Thowing Shade

The theme for today's walk was Walk On The Shady Side of The Street . Gawd love a high rise because they do throw shade. Today would have been a good day for Rocket to wear his sunglasses, but I'm not sure either one of us is ready for our big public reveal. I think we need more rehearsal time before we take out show on the literal road.

Besides, how does it look if the dog is wearing shades and I'm squinting? Too sad. Too sad is how that would look. My shades should be ready after work today and hopefully, these will be  as I ordered them and not so ugly he clerk fears a citation from the Fashion Police. Let us hope.

In the mean time, Rocket and I went down the shady side of Fayetteville Street and sniffed some very nice BBQ and met an even nicer Golden Retriever puppy girl named Sadie, she was  adorable . We got to the end of Fayetteville and were very disappointed to see that Rockets favorite street construction barriers had been removed! Who would have thought they would have finished the construction without as much as a fare-thee-well? I mean, how rude! They just snuck them away without any warning at all! Just finished their work  and removed the barriers!  Didn't they see us play on those every evening? Didn't anyone think of  how much they meant to the neighborhood? Or at the very least how much they meant to my dog? Rocket loved those! We played on those for months and now I have a disappointed dog! He actually lost a step and you could see him get sad as he searched for them when we approached the corner where they normally started and he didn't see them!

Its not easy finding appropriate obstacles for him to work out on, not everything is right for the job. Rocket doesn't love the other construction barriers that they have downtown. I think they are just too thin or  maybe a hair too tall or they smell bad  or whatever, but he won't get up on them. They suck. We're going to have to find other ways of keeping him in shape, nice long walks alone doesn't  do it to keep his boyish figure as cut  barrier climbing does. If he was a person he would have a six pack and thighs like granite and an ass you could bounce a quarter off...But for a dog, he is in terrific shape, even for a breed like his, he keeps it tight.

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