Friday, June 26, 2015

Phase I

I made a decision about the VO training. I am going hopefully volunteer with  The Lions Club radio reading project. I sent in my form today and I'm going to call them tomorrow. This will help me get some experience and see what areas I need to work on.

I'm going to start putting away money every month to save up for the training classes so I can pay off the costs faster and for less each month. I am going to shoot for a start of January 2016 as a start date - again, hopefully, I'll be able to start when I want to start, I don't know if this is an option. I'll know when I talk to the guy again on Tuesday, I'm going to ask if I can buy the studio stuff ahead of time, it s a way of making sure I stay invested in the idea because if I am all ready financially invested, it will damn well help keep my attention as well as letting me learn how to use the tools, also let me find a really good place for my "studio". I think I have an idea but I have some time to get these things figured out, I like that.

I really want to do this but I don't dive into water I don't know what the depth is. If I can get on with the Lions I can find out how into the whole idea I really am, what if its boring or I don't really like it or its not what I thought it would be? I mean, when I do this, I want to really want to do this.

Its a big deal, I do not like change really at all as much as I really need a change from what I'm doing now - It freaks me out and its scarey. This way I think I can make the road a little smoother for me and clear the way a little and allow me to hopefully start this new phase in my life.

Think positive thoughts about the Lions Club letting me volunteer reading and that the guy from the VO training being willing and able to work with my schedule. Let us pray.

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