Thursday, June 25, 2015


I want to do voice over work. I have a chance to do it and I think I want to pursue it. I went and listened to a speaker and did some exercises with the class and I have a good voice,  I can read a script and I have a background in theatre - More than a "background" I have an almost unused BFA!

I checked out he company, they are very solid with the BBB, I found no online bitching  or lists of complaints about the quality of the training or the hardware the provide or the people who do the instruction. They were listed over and over as a good place to take the training. And you have to have training...

If I go through with the training, classes and coaching - I could, in theory, have a new way of earning money that I may very well actually enjoy, I might be able to earn enough to actually save for my future, I may be able to not be such a leach on my family. I could stop making everyone sad.

If, maybe, may. These are not strong words, they are not absolutes.  Its a very competitive field, you have to market yourself ruthlessly. I am not a self marketer, I am not in any way ruthless. I would have to, if I wanted real jobs, to hire an agent. You can't get an agent until you have a body of work to prove to the agent that the agent is also going to make money. You can't make money until you have made money. There are however a lot of ways of avoiding cold calls, there are dozens of web sites and the VO company helps you get started. I wouldn't be alone.

I need money. The classes et al cost money, a lot of money for me, but you can  pay it out over time, they have programs and time tables set up so that you don't have to have money upfront. But it means at the very least, a couple of years of debt and, a lot of it. I am not used to debt.

But. I could be good at it, I am trainable and I do have a good voice, I have heard that for years. Why not grab the ring and do something about it? I hate working in an office. I had nightmares about being buried in office work for my entire working life, so I worked /slaved in my field for pennies and left over hors d'oeuvres  for a while after college and subsequently lived with and off my parents for years and years after everyone else was happily independent and working for actual money in their fields, living as real adults.

An office job made me independent. It  gave me what I have today -  insurance, my own home, a life, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Is it wrong to want more?

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