Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training for everybody

And so how did Night 1 - The Uncratening go you ask?

Well.I put him to bed, he got out of  bed. I put him back into bed. He stayed there. I went to bed, he crawled out of bed, I was getting ready to put him back to bed again ( I am embracing that this is not going to be an easy change), instead he left his bed and slept on the carpet at the foot of my bed. This is okay with me.

At some point over night I got up to go the bathroom - the dark side of proper hydration! and dog was where he was supposed to be, but by the time I got up in the morning, he had gotten up on the bed with me.

I decided that at the very least, I did not have to get up in the middle of the night to get him out of his crate and he did not wake me when he got on the bed. Its a process, crawling before walking yadda, yadda.

What did I do this evening? I went to a Continuing Education class offered by Wake Tech. It met at a high school very near by  and was only $35. It was a chance to meet people and learn about a topic I'm a little interested in. Why not?

The class was called "So You Want To Do Voice-Over Work?!", and yes, yes I do! I learned that it takes investment in time and hardware, not everybody who is called to it can do it and there is a lot of competition for the same jobs. However, if I  invest in helping the dog reach his potential, I should be equally invested in exploring in my own potential. Its only fair and its about the same outlay.

And besides, I love to hunt for cheap stuff online and the field is rife with folks who are buying up or selling out. The computer is the most expensive tool and I already have that.

I also have, I have been told in the past, a not bad voice,   and after hearing some of the women in the class, I can also "act" with my voice somewhat more effectively than others, I didn't get a BFA for nothing, well, mostly it has been for nothing, but I did earn a BFA. I should hope I could read a script and portray some excitement about the topic!

The guy is going to call me,  and I know he's going to call everyone, because we all showed great "potential" and we were a "terrifically talented group", and yes he does work for a company that trains voice over actors, and he is one himself. I'm not daft, the class was an two hour infomercial for the company he works for.

The people in the class really did show some talent, no one was there because the Knife Work class had filled up. Some had all ready done some work around the periphery of the field or had been radio DJs or worked in advertising, one of the women was an actress who was finding herself aging out of her demographic and wanted to find a second act for herself and I bet she does. The 17 year old kid sitting next me could  legitimately get work as a  Justin Bieber look-alike, but when he opened his mouth he was James Earl Jones!  He was genuinely incredible and he needs to pursue the idea, he was amazing! He could work as a radio DJ tomorrow in a heartbeat.

I am not Janie Earl Jones, but maybe I'll chat with the instructor about my chances, its worth having something to dream about.

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