Monday, June 29, 2015


I love the weekend. I spent Saturday running errands and going with Rocket to the second annual Cause for Paws Pup Crawl.

We had a good time, but I'm not a drinker and I don't go to bars and so spending an entire Saturday sitting around bars not drinking  is not as much fun for me as it was for some of the other dog people, who were clearly having a very good time and drinking a lot. It was also off and on pouring rain and we had to park in hell and walk through the rain at all the venues.

I do now know where four bars are that I didn't even know existed before are located and I guess I am now more hip than I was before, I am also most likely the oldest person who has been in any of them. Go me.

Rocket was a jewel the whole day, just a perfect animal and such a good boy and I was so proud of him. He had a great time and was totally gracious to all the people and dogs we met. Two drunk girls kind of molested him at the last stop and that was not particularly gracious on their parts! I mean, gawd, get your tongue out of his mouth! Jesus! Do you stick your tongue in your dogs mouth?

I did spend possibly too much time flirting with a teeny, tiny baby bull dog. She was the cutest puppy ever and didn't even look like a real puppy! She had no bones! She was filled with fluff!  But I didn't scoop the dog up out of no where like some drunk people did! I just fawned over her and babbled a lot. I controlled my dog napping urges. I was sober.

Speaking of Jesus.  I had a Come to Jesus meeting with a girl who was at the crawl without her dog. Her dog had possibly pulled a muscle and was on crate rest. She told me the dog wasn't happy about it and she hadn't been as  strict with the regime as she could be; I told her in my experience with crate resting a dog, that you have to be strict as hell with both the dog and yourself for it to work and it does work - if you work the program and the program is that the dog stays in the crate ALL THE TIME. You feed the dog in the crate, the dog spends the day in the crate and sleeps in the crate. The dog is always in his crate.

You take the dog out of the crate very carefully and only when absolutely necessary. It sucks, you should support with a towel or a sling which ever end of the animal needs to be supported while you slowly walk it out to do its business. She told me the dog was unhappy with this and so was she. I told her to ask her vet for a sedative or prozac for the dog, and that she might look into some for herself too, because she was just in tears and wasted and she did not need to be hurting like she was. She needs help because she can't help the dog the way she is now. I really hope she can pull it together.

She's going to need more help if she messes up the crate rest, she and the dog will be looking down extremely costly surgery and a painful post op world and  a lot of rehab - if she can afford it. I remember both of us being in a lot of pain when Daisy was going through the whole thing and it was very tough on both of us.  You get through it by getting through it and I really hope she pulls it together for her and the dog, whom she clearly loves very much and is her whole life.  I really feel sorry for both of them. Think a happy thought for anonymous, miserable drunk girl and her hurting dog. Amen.

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