Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cha, cha, changing clothes

Sunday I was a busy girl. The sheer number of times I changed clothes was enough to leave me exhausted. I was like a Victorian changing clothes for every event. I had a church outfit, a lawn mowing outfit, a shopping outfit, a making dinner outfit, and a eating dinner outfit.

First I dressed for Church, a very cute sundress I picked up for $6 at Hamricks, after I Church I noticed I hadn't melted into the side walk on the trip back to the car so I decided it was time to pull the trigger on mowing the lawn.

I changed clothes to mow the lawn, it looks much nicer now, even though it looked okay before, it looks nicer now but if it hadn't gotten cooler, it would still be okay.

Lawn mowed. Now I wanted to go shopping at a nice mall, time to go up market and try to look nicer. I could have just kept on lawn mowing outfit but getting followed around by a clerk is really chilling to my shopping experience, also I get treated better when I look like an adult. I could have just put my sundress back on but I decided to go with capri pants and a blouse because why not, as it was, I fit right into the rest of the people roaming the antique store. Capri pants are very hot among the antiquing crowd.

I was going to go back home and change clothes again for a trip to Wally, but I went straight on and kept on my upmarket outfit and just looked much, much nicer than everyone else at Wally. It did get the door opened for me and the guy at the door on my way out didn't even look at my receipt - which almost always happens, so why go through with the exercise? It means nothing!  But he barely dabbed my receipt with his highlighter and sometimes they do art projects.

Anyway. I came home and changed clothes into the tee-shirt I got from the Pup Crawl, and my lawn mowing shorts. I thought the last time I was going to change was into my pajamas. That was a nice thought to hold on to.

I was making dinner and splashed red wine all over my brand new white tee-shirt! I saved it though quickly zapping it with a stain lifter and dumping salt on the stain took it right out. But I needed to wear yet another new top in the mean time. So Change number what? Five times!

I wondered why I have so much laundry. And now I know, I am compulsive clothes changer or in a past life I was a Victorian and that person wants out. Be Gone!  Get Thee behind me Evil clothes wasting demon!

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