Wednesday, July 1, 2015


When I see other people walking their dogs in a downpour, I think Wow. What dedication! That person is a much better dog person than I am. Look at the expression on his/her face! So calm, such a beautiful  inner light there! That dog needed a walk and its getting one! Even in the rain! That shows real devotion, how selfless and loving! What a great person! I wish I could be that kind of dog person.

When I am that person walking their dog in a downpour I think Again! Jeezuz! Why couldn't I have left earlier!? This is bull shit! You know what would be awesome? If the damn city bus would pick up dog walkers. Assholes! Why did I leave the house in a white shirt? The dog is soaked and  furious and I will pay for this.  What was I thinking! Gawd I'm an idiot! The dog isn't even enjoying himself! He hasn't peed since it started to rain, Gawd knows he isn't going to poop in this. Why didn't I turn around sooner? Idiot.

I don't think anyone on purpose walks their dog in the rain.It is something that happens to you.  I made it worse for myself because once I got downtown pre-deluge ,I messed around  instead of just getting my milage and turning around. I found a table I fell in love with in the window of a store and I had to kill some time taking its picture and then I stopped to let some VBS on a scavenger hunt take Rockets picture and that didn't kill too much non-raining time and then other people wanted to stop and talk about what a handsome dog Rocket is and I always stop for that and chat with them and thank them for being so nice, because they are so nice and I am grateful for the kind words, but it was going to rain and I should have been making tracks.

.I have in the past tried stave off rain when it has been forecast by not wearing a white shirt to walk the dog,  and sometimes that has worked, but I totally forgot this time and I should have on principle, if its even rumored to be likely to rain and I had no excuses here, it was had started to thunder before I even left the house. I should wear a non-white shirt to walk the dog on principle, because if I wear white, it will absolutely rain and it did. Yay.

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