Thursday, July 2, 2015


In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I present :  Dog Gone, Tired Originally Posted on July 3, 2003. This was Daisy's first trip to camp and she did indeed eat my parents truck while on they were on the road.

Operation Dog Gone has left the building. We packed up Daisy and all her stuff, my Dog has stuff, two different leashes, two different collars, bowls, food, toys, cookies, her crate.

It made me wonder if I could just get away with a folding crib for her. Just turn it upside down and weigh it down with something. She might chew it though. Those things aren’t made for an 11 month old with all her teeth and a jaw like a steel trap.

Mr. Kitty for his part seems happy. No dog, less dog smell, no dog. Pretty much the No Dog part is what seems to be putting the wind in his sails. The office is filthy. Someone, not me, put some newspaper down in the crate. Daisy loved her new toy. Now it’s all over my floor. It looks even more like a bus station then it usually does.

To celebrate her trip Daisy spent last night singing. Whining, actually. All.Night.Long. I took her outside after midnight, I tried to lie down next to her box. I shut her door, I ignored her. She Whined. All. Night. Long. I had to get up early to help my parents. I had a very long morning.

It is so quite. Daisy has left the building. I don’t have to come right home after work to put her out. She’s going to be on vacation longer then I will.

I feel like I left my kid with a sitter. I’m going to miss her, but right now, it’s kind of nice.

In the mean time, I need to tidy the place. Dogger made a huge mess in here. My parents are having an adventure in the car with her. I halfway expected a phone call from somewhere on the road today saying what a horror she was being. She’s going to spend the night in the truck. By Herself. I have mentioned her teeth and jaws? My real concern is that my parents are going to get busted for leaving the dog in the truck all night. They ticket and worse for that. I keep waiting for the phone to ring.

Since Daisy is not here to need to walk, I mailed my bills on the way home instead of saving them for the walk later. I’m going to need to get in the habit of walking myself everyday. That will be harder. In this neighborhood the only people walking themselves, are also talking to themselves.

Why haven’t they called? I bet the dog got out of the truck at a rest stop and got hit by a semi. She jumped over the seat and made my Dad loose control of the truck and now they’re all dead in a ditch somewhere.

She is going to pee all over the truck. Stink it up and they will never take her anywhere again. I bet she whined the whole trip. If it got really old last night, I can only imagine for 700 miles.

WAAAHHHH! Why Haven’t They Called Me?

I haven’t even thought about how hard it is going to be without Kitty for the two weeks. And how hard it will be for Kitty without me. He gets so lonely. Broskey and Alphagal are going down to my parents house the weekend. Who pray, is going to be watching my kitty while they are gone? He hates being left alone.

I all ready miss Kitty and he’s right here. It’s going to be a long vacation. How about if I dress Kitty in a baby dress and get a Snuggly thing, is there any chance I could sneak him in? Tiny babies make meowing noises. Siiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhh. WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! What have they done to my dog? What has my dog done to them?

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