Monday, July 27, 2015

Done List

it was a very productive weekend!

1.I solved the light sensitive light bulb problem, took trips to two different big box stores to get it done, but problem solved.

2. Got a timer on a sprinkler for the front porch and got the plants reconfigured so that they all get some of the sweet, sweet irrigation.

3. Picked up food and drinks for the car trip.

4. Picked up new dust, food and litter genie inserts for kitties sojourn with Alphagal and Brosky.

5. Packed the dogs back pack with everything but his toys.

6. Packed my travel bag.

7. Paid the man to mow my yard while I'm gone.

8. Found both animals most recent rabies certificates.

9.Noticed that the house is filthy.

10. Noticed that my hair needs refreshing.

11. Noticed my eyebrows need attention.

12. Had a crown fall out Friday night.

13. Called dentist office and reported crown falling out.

14. Spent weekend worrying empty spot.

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