Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I'm going to have to  back to the store. I went to the store and bought everything I would need for the trip, I was thorough, I even had a list. I bought snacks for me food for the dog and supplies for the cat. My buggy was full of stuff and I felt pretty good about getting those tasks checked off the list.

Now I am going to run out of yogurt before we leave and I think I'm going to really need yogurt, but, why take up the space in the cooler with yogurt? I could just as easily suck it up and eat fast food, which I like very much. Its two and a half days of  being in the car for hours. I could eat sausage biscuits instead - in which case, I would not have to go back to the store for trip yogurt, but I know, I absolutely know that I am going to be back to the store for something .  Maybe more popcorn, I'm thinking I'm going to have to just give up and go to Sam's and buy the Big Box of popcorn and just be honest and admit my weakness.

I just wish peaches weren't so messy, well not all peaches are messy, but good peaches are. A bad peach would be find in the car because its a hockey puck. I would also like to request that peaches be better labeled. If its  a yellow peach it should be marked "yellow", if its a cling stone variety, it should  be marked "pain in the ass", if its a while peach it should be marked "wrong kind". Why make it harder than it has to be?

I got my crown put back, my dentist swears up and down that the crown was not "his" and that I came to the practice with it in place. I only remember one crown going on and its "his". I am very monogamous with dentists, I have had two my whole life - Did my childhood dentist put a crown on and I am not remembering it happening? I don't think so. I think I had a tooth with a big cavity, it failed and new dentist put a crown on it.

I just had a vision of having a temp crown fall off years and years ago and having to go back to dentist number one to have it put back. This happened in Dallas, in my apartment. I was eating taffy and it pulled something lose and I had to have it out back. Wow. Like just now I am remembering that. So dentist two didn't tell me a story. Isn't that weird? I just saw the whole thing. I'm sitting at my computer in my bedroom in my apartment in Dallas and I'm eating taffy and the  temp peice came off . I found  it and went back to the doctor who put the permanent crown on and away I went for eighteen years. He called it a "cap". Tada.

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