Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Took dog to his new backup vet, very successful visit! Such a nice practice, so clean and new and spacious and with such a nice parking lot and the whole thing a mile from my house!! I'm not going to totally abandon old vet, also a very nice practice, but, damn, is it small and poky and a bitch to get to and shite parking. OV is still going to be my go-to for his annual physical and God Forbid, sick doggy, but for quick trips like bordetella or heartworm checks I think New Vet will work out really well. Rocket now weighs 71 pounds,

See picture of fancy office. Not pictured the couch I was sitting on or the fancy fold up exam table.

I feel like I'm cheating on my old vet but he's already being seen by the vet school for his anxiety and if OV was following a chronic condition that required frequent visits, like with Daisy and Tex, I wouldn't leave, but as it is, well, its nice to have a back up thats so close by. Baby Kitty, who was a free agent, he now has vet.

And they gave me a kewl tee-shirt.

So now I have a nice, new back up vet. Always a good thing to have. And dog has a brand new shiney bordetella shot and spanking new heartworm meds after we got home I treated him with his flea meds and now he's all set to hit the road.

That was pretty much all I was able to get off the to-do list. I should be cleaning my filthy house but its just going to re-filthy it self, I should wait until Thursday night and limit the houses opportunities to refilthify itself. Yeah.

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