Thursday, July 30, 2015


I got an entire one thing off my to-do list: I adjusted my hair color.

 I forgot my charger at work again and so dog and I went up to Dix and wandered around and it was nice. I found a tree I hadn't seen before and that was exciting, it really was. I've been all over that campus and seen a lot of trees but I never saw that one before.

Some total of my list completed. I feel bad about that.There is a lot of cleaning that needs to be done and the cat box needs to be nuked from space and all of that is going to be done Thursday evening. I would be cleaning now but the house gets dirty so fast and I didn't want to clean everything and only to have it go back while I'm at work.

I blame the animals, the fur is all powerful and it resists cleaning products and even the strongest vacuum. Its better to give it as little time as possible to get its stuff together. So Thursday I'll be busy . I'll be buy and my house will look really nice and hopefully I'll be out of town before it gets gross again.

My hair looks much better and much more uniform.

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