Friday, July 31, 2015


The house is clean, or face it, as clean as I can achieve in a very limited amount of time. The dust bunnies have been slaughtered and I vacuumed up a litters worth of dog hair. I also cleaned the bathroom - shattering a full container of liquid hand soap in the process, silver lining? a section of the floor is now very clean.

The cats litter box has been flushed and left to dry in the sun. The back up box is ready for my parents cat.

I vacuumed everything and everywhere, I changed the bed over and did a laundry. I emptied the dishwasher and started to refill it. I mopped the kitchen floor! I cleaned the dogs room and tidied the hallway.

I did all this so I could come home to a clean house, so that it would be like while I was gone the housekeeper fairies would have been there and left it spotless and shiny. I hate coming home to a dirty house, so I spent the last several hours making sure that I'm not going to. The house is at the very least not gross anymore.

The dogs food is gathered, the cat supplies are all in one place ready to drop off with kitty  while he is on his staycation. While I was trying to make the livingroom less offensive I found some more magazines to bring with me. I have my clothes ready for Saturday morning. I am ready.

Posting will be sporadic, but will continue.

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