Monday, July 6, 2015


So how was your weekend? Starting Friday morning I went shopping and ate very good food and hung out with my parents and celebrated July 4th and then celebrated my Moms birthday and ate really good food and went shopping. I had the best time.

When I wasn't shopping I was eating,  I ate all the seafood. Sunday I mixed  it up and ate ribs and crab. I was all about eating! I did get some exercise and most of what I ate was seafood based, I still ate All the seafood.  And some homemade pie and the most decadent chocolate birthday cake ever created. And some hushpuppies. And some garlic bread. And Thursday  I ate lasagna . I think I'm going to need to do some additional work this week. Or just eat less cake and hushpuppies. Or both.

I had all the benefits of going to the beach without having to get eaten by a shark! or hear details about how other people got eaten by sharks.

While my Mom and I were selflessly out helping the economy, Rocket was at the house being terrible and  being a real worry and not helping my Dad at all - Rocket learned a new trick. he learned:

1. Where he wet food was stored.
2. How to transfer the box of food containers from point A to point B without losing any containers along the way.
3. How to peel open the food containers in the most efficient way to not lose any of the precious wet food or ending up with a lot of wasted paper.

He was amazing. and I was very impressed when I stopped being angry about him eating all his wet food. He without thumbs or an especially big brain managed to do this with almost no wasted food and limited paper mess. If he hadn't done such a very bad thing, I would applaud him for being so smart and ultimately tidy-ish.

Lesson learned : Don't skip walks, a good dog is an exhausted dog. He needs to be too tired to fuel a food stealing freakout. Also, he maybe might should be locked up in his room when he can't be supervised, because he can't be trusted.

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