Monday, July 20, 2015


My father came up on Saturday and went a long way to improving the curb appeal of my house and protecting my roofing from being molested by my tree. He helped to move my much-larger-and- much-heavier-and-unwieldy-than-it-appeared-on-the-curb free dresser up my 90 degree attic stairs.I sear to Gawd it didn't look that big on the curb!

This is what it looks like when it is not in pieces in the back of my car

I've been going back ad forth with what I want to do with it. I started out saying I was just going to paint it dark brown and be done with it but then it was pointed out that the upstairs is all ready a really dark space and do I really want to make it more dark? So I then said I was going to go green and I looked at a lot of greens at the store but now I'm not sure and I was also saying that I wanted to use wall clings, like I'm using on the other furniture downstairs but then I started to think stencils! The upstairs is going to be themed back to its Camp Knotty Pine identity. I'm going to get  some time in the fall, pine themed bedding and curtains and make the place look nice.

All I do know is that  in the now I hate the hardware and it has to go because it is ugly,ugly, ugly and does nothing for the overall appearance. I also have to find out if I can buy replacement tracks for one of the drawers, the wooden track broke and the drawer doesn't slide very well.

What ever I do decoratively for the dresser I am also going to do to this

It also need some work and new hardware.

My Dad also tried and was unable to diagnose out what went suddenly wrong with my electric lawn mower. It worked and then it didn't. It just stopped and neither of us know why. I had to make more calls than I thought I would to get it serviced. Lawn Mower service places should be open on the weekends because when it is that you use the mower? You mow your lawn on the weekend! and Sears was not helpful at all. Dicks.

Speaking of outside

Really amazing progress from something I thought was dead.

On Sunday it was really hot, my lawn mower was broke and as it turned out, it was going to rain hard, as evidenced by my wet basement -Not so wet it bothered my exposed water heater,Thank You Gawd! but it must have rained like a bitch.

I have no proof of the strength of the rain because I was at the movies! It was dry when I went in and dry when I left. I did hear some very strong thunder but I thought it could be bleed from the theatre next door - But I was a t a very nice theatre and I don't think bleed is a problem anymore in modern, really nice theatres. ANYWAY. I saw Trainwreak and I laughed like a loon right up until I got teary. I really liked it a lot but the reviews are right, its awesome right up until the last half hour and then it dips its toe into schmaltz. It was too good a movie for that and yes, I know we have to see our Hero's  journey and her rise and fall and how she Learns her Lesson and Becomes a Better Person and Woman.


But a little less Sandy from Grease would have been good too as well as serving the characters trajectory and finishing her story. Bill Hader is a hotty, BTW.

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