Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Garden 2015 Update 8

As I was watering my patio and it came to me that I am going to be gone and there will be no one to water my patio - not daily like they like. I need to remember to take care of getting the timer set and do right by them.

I also need to find the lawn mower guy and have him mow my yard while I'm going and for the time being while my machine is in the infirmary - rather,  mow my yard for me after I take the machine to the infirmary and ask if they will board it while I am gone.

I am not as worried about the back yard. I have the irrigation set up and that works well. The garden on the other hand... Worst Year Ever.

Its not making as many fruits as it should be, what few are produced don't grow and don't get ripe. I think I've pulled three off so far total, and that is way, way, way below normal. The peppers are doing well, they are all ready producing and seem strong. They are in a different garden.

There have been three tomato plant deaths thus far, two more then I normally get. I don't know if it's the way they are being watered or the heat or bugs or whatever, things are not happy in the garden. Its very disappointing for me. I think the onions are doing well, I can't tell, I don't know about onions. They seem to be not dead, so I have them in the win column.

I am really stressed about the tomato plants though! They majority that are not dead, look strong and tall and green. I see little tomatoes left right and center but they aren't maturing or they are and they are getting nabbed by a garden pest or pests - I have found greenies withe bites out of them. I don't know who to blame for this : Birds, squirrels, rats, bunnies, bugs? There is a whole list of suspects.

My volunteer potatoes and tomato plants seem to have frozen in time. The plants are not getting bigger but not dieing back either. The volunteer tomato plant is covered with blooms but isn't getting pollinated, so its not moving forward. The potato plants were doing well but now seem to be static.  If they would bloom I would dig them up and get my potatoes, but they aren't maturing or growing any more .

Could it be the heat? Can it be too hot for tomatoes? I could understand the potatoes being uncomfortable since they really are not a summer crop but the others?  I think I should be try watering with Holy Water.

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