Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I found myself wanting to go to Wallyworld. Its clearly a low point for me.

Today was a daycare day for the dog so I could have gone at lunch and did my shopping then but I needed butter and I couldn't leave butter in the car and I couldn't risk forgetting it in the office refrigerator and I really wanted to enjoy my twice a month chance to not have to go home and take care of the dog. I miss eating like a real person. I also get tired of protean bars, once in a while a Burger King chicken sandwich is just heavenly.

 I needed to go to Wally to buy cat dust at some point before I leave my baby kitty with Alphagal and Broskey - I'll need to buy more before I leave town, but I needed somenowish and it's also peach season and I was almost out and I had run out of sugar free pudding cups and while I could have gone on another day... It seemed like a good time to go and stock up.

So I set out, I was going to hit Wally right after I left work but it was so hot, I couldn't work up the energy to to do. I was going to go a little later on, but a nasty squall came through and instead I rode the exerbike in loo of my rained out walk.

It cleared up and I ran out of DVR stuff I wanted to watch and I had finished my dinner and fed the dog and made sure my basement wasn't under water- its feet got wet. Once I was certain the house wasn't in imminent danger,  I went and got my groceries. Very exciting stuff.

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