Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Toys for me

New Snowglobes for me! From Australia and New Zealand! Do you have a snowglobe from New Zealand? I bet you don't. I had asked for a koala but the one they had turned out to be a very rare venimus variety, so it couldn't come back. Everything in Australia is trying to kill you after all. Sniff,  his name was going to be Fozzy. Does anyone need a drum of Vicks?

While I was admiring my new globes, I was also waiting on the men from the gas company to come and fix something. They never came, I called and asked where they were and I was assued that they wern't late, they just hadn't gotten to me yet and they worked until all the jobs were done! I called still later and was told that my job had been struck from the list and tey didn't know why. When I asked about the song and dance from earlier I was told that it may have still be on the list at the time. I think that "all the jobs" translates to "all the jobs we can do before 6pm".

They are going to call me tomorrow morning and I am going to tell them when I am available and when they are going to be at my house. They can be there while I am on lunch or they can be there after I get off work. I think that I am being very reasonable.

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