Monday, July 13, 2015

Output and intake

My name is Diana and I am a dead TV hoarder. I didn't think I had a problem because I kept moving them around and putting things - other TVs, on top of them and trying to not think about them. I didn't know I could get rid of them because no one wants old, dead TVs.  You can get rid of an STD easier than a dead TV. ANd so they stacked up and up and up.

I finally had enough of the TVs because one of them, the biggest dead TV lived downstairs and was to big to move  upstairs with the others, I also noticed the mid-sized TV in my bedroom was 40 years old and no longer functioned as anything other than a place for my router.  My router doesn't need a whole TV to hang out on. It also took up too much visual place and made my closets hard to access and that was getting to be a problem.I was keeping because it belonged to my grandmother and I thought it would be mean to get rid of it. It wasn't, she would have gotten rid of it years ago when it stopped working and gotten a better one.

The little TVs. I started that collection in college and once you have a tiny TV that doesn't work, somehow, you end up with more tiny TVs that don't work. I'm not sure that all of them were even mine, I think they were sent to my house for temporary storage and then got abandoned. I don't want the ide to be out there that you can just leave stuff with me indefinitely and just forget it about it like its in some sort of private, free, long term storage. I'm not. I also am not running some sort of  group home for dysfunctional TVs

Now they are all gone. I'm sorry if you left your tiny TV with me with some idea you were going to get it back at some point, its gone now and you'll get over it.

It wasn't hard moving the little TVs but my grandmothers' TV was made in Detroit and weighed about three tons. Solid steel and some sort of hardwood. It was grossly over built for a TV. It was nothing compared to the big TV. It weighs more than I do and I couldn't move it myself. Thankfully my parents were in town and they helped me get the giant out to the car.

And Saturday morning I got up bright and not at all early and took the whole gang to a recycling center to drop them off. I got them all out of the car, with great strain and effort and onto a trolley.  This was going to be worth it because this place pays by the pound and I had many pounds to get paid for. I took my trolley to the door and was met by a nice young man who told me they don't take TVs. Too much glass.

The young man and a helper got the TVs off the trolley back in my car and told me the landfill might take them. I did not want to take them to a landfill! I wanted to recycle them and I would have liked to get paid too, but now I would be happy to just to keep them out of the landfill.


I sat in the parking lot and worked my phone. I found a company called  Anything With a Plug. You give them your old, dead electronics and they take them away. Done. I got really lucky that they were doing a once a month pick up a few blocks from my house!

I hurried to the drop off location and burst in the doors and... he wasn't there. I chated with the hosts, and got all but the biggest set out of my car and  the receptionist took my number and promised to call when he did show up.

A couple of hours later, I was shopping on the other side of town and I got the call that he had arrived! and would be there until 6pm! I was on a sandal shopping mission, and I do have a life outside my TV hoarding issues. I really shopped hard and did my due diligence sandal shopping-wise and still did not find my sandals. I chugged back to the location and the cheerful recycling guy hefted the big TV out of my life and into his truck. All the TVs gone! Safely recycled! and Out of my life! Yay!!

And later on, I went out again and finally found my sandals!!! Whee! And even later on, I found the pair I had originally went in search of, online, for half of what I paid for the very nice and much more office ready pair that I ended up with. The office pair look really nice and are great for work and dog walking, but they aren't for getting wet or muddy. The cheaper pair I got cheap because they are bright pink! Not great for the office but fab for hiking and beach walking and general getting wet and muddy. Yay!

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