Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Not much to add for the day. We are expecting a storm tomorrow, "we" being "people who watch local news", which would be not actually include  "me". I heard about this because late this afternoon my boss sent out an email she got from the emergency response team she works with. It told them to be prepared to respond.

Earlier today I saw some reference to a storm system along the east coast, but I read it on a site that is very NYC centric and so I disregarded it because why do I have to care that they are getting rain? I mean, why do we all have to get concerned because they are gasp! experiencing weather. Spoiled babies.

It turns out that they aren't the only ones that are going to get wet.We are also a part of the east coast, we're kind of a step kid they ignore, but we are part of the greater geographic area and apparently, we are art of the group this time. Who knew? 

I came home and quickly battened down the hatches and put away anything that seemed like it might get airborne or become a hazard . I also took pictures of everything outside and the roof just in case. It looks not very good right now but even if nothing happens, the yard is ready for me to leave for vaca. Its going to need to be mowed,  but I have locked up everything I was going to lock up before I left .I was in  hurry because it was gray when I left work and by the time I got home eleven minutes later, it was even more gray and it looked like it was getting darker.

It didn't. We are fine for the time being and I ended up walking the dog for our regular walk and I had thought that we weren't going to be able to do that. Tuesday looks like its going to be a bear though.

The last time my boss forwarded on a notice from her response team, I ended up with a tornado in my back yard. When they say JUMP I ask from what.

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