Friday, July 10, 2015

Thursday Evening

I went to Ross because it had been weeks since I had been in there and if you want to find the half way decent things, you have to stay on it.

I found a cute dress. I decided it was cute because it is OMG going to look so good with boots in the fall! Ross already has Fall Merch in the stores and they forced me to think about the fall and boots and leggings and did I want that flannel top... I felt unsettled, not enough to turn down a $17.00 dress that is going to look adorb with my new boots, but unsettled.

Its  the second week in July and the fashon gawds tell us is time to put all those tacky summer things on sale. I went to Dicks shiver because they had a tent up and I am hunting Tevas, and clearly, the only way I am going to get them is if I get them on sale - they had them, but only in mens and then only a pair. The trip inside the store was equally disheartening.

But anyway, July and summer stuff is 80% off a Kohls.  July 4th is the last official day of  retail summer and everything after that is apparently just the run up to fall. Sure, its still technically summer and it is hot, but its the Icky hot summer part that makes you stay inside and not wear clothes and they don't see any profit from that.  Retailers really like the Yay! Its finally warm again! Spring part of summer a lot more than the Why is so hot?  July-August part of the summer. Do you want sweaters? TJ Maxx has them.

Changing the subject

Here are pictures of my house guests


"Peanut Butter"

In their honor, I am teaching Rocket a new command  - "GET AWAY FROM THE MICE DAMN IT!"

The mice are living a very sheltered life while they are here but there are brief periods of time where they are more or less intermingling. The dog thinks they are fascinating, which would be okayish, but he seems to be trying to figure out how to use his nose to get the cage door latch to open -  and I think he is up to the task. So, no unsupervised time with the mice.

The cat spends less time with them but the couple of times I've been distracted and left them unprotected, I have had the feeling he doesn't want to play with them and he displays a completely different kind of fascination than the dog. 

Sharks have nothing on domestic cats! Talk about the top of the food chain/apex predator, no one and nothing is better at the predation game than a house cat. I have to stay alert and the mice have to stay behind a firmly closed door.  Shark Week is donzo, they should be doing Cat Week!

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