Friday, September 4, 2015


Before I left the house this morning I told the dog night, night and the informed the cat of my itinerary for the day, because its important to him, he cares about me or he throws kitty raves, I don't know.

I left the dog in his room and the cat in the kitchen.

And then I came home for lunch. The cat was no where in sight, but the dog was in the kitchen. Awesome.

He hadn't torn anything up and I have no idea how long he had been lose but I didn't get the feeling he had been out for long,  I think  the sound of the alarm being remotely disarmed- it talks, may have been a trigger for him. I turned off the alarm about a half hour before I left for home and he may have been out since that happened. He was a good boy though, no damage and no pools of pee for me to find, so some silver lining.

He did seem a little wound up to me and he was panting, a sign of anxiety and something I watched him do on dog spy in the bad old days ot after he has been shut away for whatever reason. OR he just really needed to go outside, he hustled me out the door right away so he he could relieve himself and normally he's grabs a toy and trots into the living room and hangs out, so maybe he's just super potty trained . No one had a longer potty training phase than he did, the anxiety peeing  made me think he couldn't hold his water - he could he just couldn't.  I mean after a few months of every-half-hour pee breaks he couldn't have helped but become potty trained! He's so potty trained he has learned how to open the door to let himself out.

I need to get a lock for his door. Before I went back to work, I put him back in his room and shut the door. I spent the afternoon checking him out on dog spy and he slept all afternoon and made no further attempts to get out of the room. When I was getting ready to go home after work  I did not turn the alarm off until I was in the driveway and then I watched him on dog spy to see what he did. He was still behind the door in the office but the alarm being disarmed did very much get his attention and I don't l  know how long he would have waited for me to get him out before he took matters into his own paws.

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