Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Escape Artist

I went to Walmart yesterday night because I had just been there the day before and so of course I had to go back. I know that weekdays are like stupid and nobody likes them because they are boring, but that isn't a reason to not have at least a skeleton crew scheduled. The store was full of people and we were all in line, in The Line .

Walmart isn't just evil, they are mean.

While I was waiting, I decided to check out how Rocket was doing on Dog Spy. It was too hot to bring him, or I would have left him in the car but I left him at home, in his room, with the door closed instead.

Being on vacation apparently rotted my mind .

I casually checked Dog Spy, as I have been doing two or three times a day since I came back, just  to check how he's doing and lo and behold, the footage reveled that the door to the room was open and there was no dog to spy on.

I had forgotten that he could open the door at will. It was a big deal before I left for vacation and it completely slipped my mind. The only reason he stays in the room during the day is because apparently he wants to, because he can pop the door open in a heart beat once he decides he needs a change of scene. I was a little surprised that he remembered the skill after not being able to practice it for a month.

He came right back to him.

Fortunately, he was a good boy while he was lose in the house and there was no damage. The cat didn't even seem particularly flustered. Rocket seemed a little guilty, as I came home, as well he should have been! He knows I don't want him leaving the room once I put him in there! He knows the rules! Gawd!.  For his part the dog wasn't displaying any signs of freak-out-level anxiety, he wasn't panting or pacing or barking or slobbering or any of the things he does while freaking out.

I think he did freak out, but that was cured when he got out of the room.  He  got distracted from his mania by the taste of freedom and, drunk with joy, took a celebratory nap - For whatever reason, he didn't destroy anything in celebration of his escape from bondage. This time.

I don't want a next time. There are avenues to pursue:

1.Get a new lock for that door
2. Dig a moat in the hallway.
3. Arm the cat with a tranq gun.

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