Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rule Breaking

So after a long day at work - for reals! I got to work at my regular time, a half hour earlier than I'm scheduled because I like to get my work done  in a timely manner and if I suddenly started to show up On Time I would be behind before I even started.  We had one of our twice monthly meeting last week, so I was safe. I came in I did my thing and at four, I was ready to leave. I was still in the office at five after, when I got a call from my boss asking if any of us were planning on attending the meeting. I cheerfully told her that we had the meeting last week and , no we were not planning on attending this week but she was cute for making a funny.

She wasn't being funny. We had a meeting.  Apparently, last< week was  the one she was "joking" about and it was this  week was the "real" meeting. I had a very long day. She'll be pissed when she figures out I worked as extra hour - not that it matters, getting approved for over time is almost impossible and she would rather pay me the money out of her own wallet then  put in for my over time. And I would still be in trouble for something, I'm not sure exactly what.

I eventually made it home and found an issue of Vogue on my back steps, it was too big to make it through my slot and too important to leave out on the porch. It weighs more than my purse and has about a zillion pages. I haven't even cracked it open because I didn't have the time to dedicate to Fall as yet. I can't wait to find out what I'll being buying at TJ Maxx in two years! Being a Maxxinista is kind of saying that you are really into wearing vintage. Anyway. It will be fun and I could inflict some rather nasty blunt force trauma if I had to hurl it at someone.

Vogue writes and enforces "the rules". Vogue is the rules, I doubt that Anna Winter tolerates fashion rule breakers in her area code much less in her magazine. I think I'm going to enjoy hate reading this even more than I enjoy hate reading Architectural Digest!

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