Thursday, September 17, 2015

Putting the Pine back in Camp Knotty Pine

My fabric/sheets arrived!! I'm so excited! Its not just that I can stop shopping for fabric, because I love a good hunt, but I can also stop shopping for green paint! Paint shopping is something that always looks like so much fun when you are not doing it. Its a fun in theory thing that never actually comes through in practice.

The fabric

It is not the ideal pine sprig and pine cone pattern that I originally was inspired by, but that was made my Pottery Barn and it was 1) three years old and no longer available from Pottery Barn and 2)  somewhat more available on Ebay but for $125 for a twin flat sheet . I had to adjust my expectations.

I tried to widen the net and look beyond the pine cone but I couldn't settle on anything that really made me happy. I found what made me "okay" but not what made me happy. I would prefer to be happy with design choices I'm going to be living with for a long time, "okay" isn't good enough for what is going to be a long term relationship.

Please note paint swatch pictured above does not photograph true to color. It is a much more a piney green, very dark shade. I went through my huge library of green pant swatches one by one and the lighter and brighter greens just didn't work at all. I had been hoping for a more Kermit green, but it that wasn't in the cards, I am very happy with the shade I decided on though, we're good.

I am going to get started on the paint portion of the project this weekend. I can live very well with the room as it is now but I can't live with paint fumes  or the dangers of wet paint while I'm living up there this winter. I won't move up there for at least another month and that will give me time to get the pieces painted.

The paint in real life

Piece One

I don't think anything has ever been more "before" than this. Its old, heavy and not very attractive and it was deemed too old and heavy  and unattractive to remove from the house when the last owners family emptied it years ago.  Its been on the bench for years but its time to for it to join the starting line up because I need somewhere for my sweaters to live and it will hold a lot of sweaters.

I'm going to thoroughly clean it and sand it and get it ready to go. It may need to be primed but I would like to not do have to do that step because laziness. I prefer to think about whether I want to use a mat finish or go for a gloss. I'm looking forward to getting started! Yay for projects!

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